Machiel Klerk in the press:

Article: Machiel Klerk nominated for Calayst 100 - "100 people who have made Salt Lake City a more compassionate and vibrant place to live".

Article: Depth Psychology, Dreams and Art in the Utah Stories magazine.

Article: Machiel Klerk - founding president of the Jung Society of Utah - in the Catalyst Magazine.

Watch part of the lecture by Machiel Klerk on “Individuation starts with a crisis”.

Watch Machiel Klerk explain Jung’s structure of the psyche.


Machiel Klerk's dream work column for the Catalyst Health Magazine:

November 2010 - How to Remember Dreams

December 2010 - The Symbolic Language of Dreams

January 2011 - A basic recipe to work with your own dreams

February 2011 - Late for Class Dream

March 2011 - How Dreams Guide us toward Our Destiny


These articles were written by Machiel Klerk M.A. and have been posted in pdf format.

How Do People Cope With Suffering

Gratitude and Depression

A depth psychological approach towards Internet porn

Lucid Dreaming

How To Work With a Nightmare


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